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Children And Babies

When a new baby is born, there is not a camera left untouched in the house to capture the momentous occasion! But what if the surroundings or the baby grow is a little less desirable than you’d like but you have the cutest shot of the newborn all smiles and eyes open?! Well worry no more as enhancing everything from editing out the baby sick to changing the hospital background is a piece of cake for us at Magic My Photos!
And once your little one gets more active and out and about, its just as likely that your camera will be in overdrive, capturing each stage as your baby becomes a toddler, and then reaches pre school and then their life turns into a whole host more of precarious action shots!
We specialize in babies and children’s images where grubby clothes and bruises are regular daily traits of every happy childhood but if you’ve captured the essence of your offspring, using our professional photo repair service, some minor edits and enhancements are often all that is needed to make a truly memorable snapshot into a treasured forever photograph.
And as for teenagers who are so visually orientated in this day and age, they can have their glasses and braces removed in a click and freckles & spots can be shed to reveal a more aesthetically pleasing image that your teen would be ordering for themselves!