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Model And Glamour

If you’ve had pictures taken for modeling or fashion portfolios, you only have one chance to make a fantastic first impression to potential agents.Using our air brushing services Magic My Photos can make your photos look extraordinary and bring out the best of all your features to make the absolute best of all your assets.
You may only need a few minor changes to transform an average photo into a superb portfolio masterpiece.Whether its a different shade of lipstick, a whiter shade of teeth, removing a shadow that is hiding the true inner beauty that has been captured in the dark, whatever it is, let Magic My Photos take care of all your concerns so you can print out the photos all ready for the best portfolio you could only have dreamt of before.
Covering your tan lines, removing a spot, covering gray hair, smoothing out your laughter lines – any of these things are possible, just the click of a button for a more glamorous and sophisticated you ….. Magic My Photos can make it happen!