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With the emergence of social media sites & frequently used internet dating, more and more people are collating an online profile which involves them posting a recent image of themselves alongside their script!  And when everyone knows how much a first impression counts, it is hardly surprising that more and more people want to make that perfect first impression.
Do this today by getting Magic My Photos to edit and enhance all your most important profile pictures with our photoshop retouching service to ensure you come across in the best possible light when people see your photo.
We can also give you a head start when you attach your image to your CV for job interviews or when you use your latest portrait photo for your business cards.
We can retouch makeup, smooth your skin, enhance your eye colour, remove tattoos and piercings and help smooth out a few wrinkles to show a softer side to your picture.  You never get a chance for a second ‘first impression’ so do your self a favour and let Magic My Photos give you the helping hand you deserve!