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Your home is your castle so everyone always wants their house showing in the best possible light! But what happens if you are having photos taken for a Real Estate brochure or website and its not the perfect sunny weather day that you just know would make the world of difference to your photos? 
Well fear not as Magic My Photos can add the brightest and sunniest of backdrops to the bleakest of winter days and improve lighting and images no end in your wonderful home shots.  With photo airbrushing we can remove cars and childrens’ toys left in the driveway, prune back trees that are overshadowing the views and even touch up the garden fence with a coat of paint!
If your lawn and grass needs a cut then let us take care of the process as with the click of a button we can digitally enhance your photos to show only what you want to be seen.  And everyone knows that getting people through the door of your house is half way to selling it!
So make sure your photos are the best they can be and rely on Magic My Photos to touch up all your real estate images.