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Holidays and vacations are supposed to be times of rest and relaxation when you kick back, get out of ‘work mode’ and get a chance to chill.  So capture your time by collating a truly memorable set of photos where you can look back and remember the really good times with your friends and family.
By the very nature of a break, you will possibly not be showing a full face of makeup or bothering about your skin routine in quite the same way as you do at home but don’t let that worry you as we can keep you looking great wherever you may be! 
And if you make your pictures into a photo book, its even more important that you capture yourself looking good in those treasured memories for everyone to see!
Magic My Photos can touch up all your vacation snaps to make sure you are always looking your best, even when you might have  been caught off guard.  With photo retouching just select your favourite snaps and upload them, then let us set to work and bring all those happy memories flooding back.
Holidays suddenly never seemed more relaxing when you know you can Magic your snaps at home!