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Cars And Vehicle

After your house purchase, your car is usually your most expensive possession so make sure that you show it off in its best possible light in any photo by removing all the background clutter behind or in front of it or change the location altogether to take your car beachside for a more appealing & memorable image!
If you plan to sell your car or motorbike, RV or campervan, why not give it the makeover it needs to really give it the best chance of standing out in any advert.  A sharp, clean and crisp photo will stand out head and shoulders above any competition and get it sold
For less polished and older cars, we can gloss up the paintwork, professional image retouching can smooth over any dents or scratches and give it the full ‘facelift’ to show it off in its best light without a trip to the garage!  So let Magic My Photos pimp up your ride and you will have the best looking car on the block!