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Weight Reduction

We all plan on loosing those few inches and shedding a couple of pounds before the Summer!  But what if you want to imagine and actually see yourself, right now, at a new target weight?  Could you then use that image as motivation on your fridge or snack cupboard to help you stick to that elusive diet?!!  Many of our customers do just that and end up getting new revised images at each target weight of their diet.
Magic My Photos can help you digitally 'loose' the weight by editing any recent photo of yourself to show a few less curves.  The idea is that by seeing yourself and the end result, it could help boost your resolve to stick to the just the carrot sticks and reach your bikini weight faster!
We have to a wide range of photoshop and airbrushing techniques to enhance your figure and clothes, smooth our your skin and completely remove any trace of cellulite!  Neck and tummy rolls can evaporate out of every image and we can touch up other areas if you truly want to make yourself look the million dollars you are aiming to become in your quest for a slimmer you.  
And what about if you are considering some surgery and would like to see how it might look ahead of the operation or procedure?! Simple! Tell us what you would like altered and we can show you how it would change your appearance!  New nose, lipo-suction of your hips, tummy tucks or breast augmentation, its all possible at Magic My Photos with the touch of a button and no anesthetic required!
All images are enhanced to retain as natural a look as possible.  However, as with all our services, we offer a 100% complete satisfaction guaranteed, so what are you waiting for?
Why not try our photo retouching service now and let Magic My Photos kick start your progress by focusing your mind on where you are heading!