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Our Magic My Photos Promise to You ....


Customer Service

Our photo airbrushing customer service team is here to help you. If at any time you would like our help with anything on the website, please fill in our Contact Us page and let us get things sorted straight away.


We try to answer all messages in 24 hours but often it is much sooner ...


Our Promise and Commitment To You

... We promise that if at any time you feel that ‘little something’ is not quite how you would like it, then we will work on it until it meets your every expectation.
We aim to achieve 100% satisfaction and everything you upload is worked on with care and professionalism by hand to produce an amazing work of art.  However we are realistic enough to appreciate that due to the nature of the work there is always some margin for mis-interpretation.  
What to do ....
1. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the photo you receive back, you MUST NOT APPROVE the image or download the photo as once Approved your watermark is removed and it is considered that you have accepted the image as perfect.
2. Instead, click the button to say ‘Not yet approved’ and let us know what needs to be adjusted.  One of our technicians will review  your comments and work on your image again to ensure you are happy with the final photo.
3. We are usually able to fix things easily the second time around with the help of more instructions from you and we will continue to review your photos until you are completely satisfied.

4. Once the newly enhanced image is ready, we will email you again and ask you to check everything is perfect and then you can approve it and download the picture.


Your satisfaction is ultimately the most important outcome so in the very unlikely event that we cannot meet your precise expectations after the opportunity to amend your edited image, then you will receive a credit to have an alternative image edited. Simple!!