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Platinum level Services only  $14.99 !!!

this level of service

  • Red Eye Removal
  • Image Crop and Re-Size
  • Color Correction
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Remove Freckles
  • Blemish Removal including scars/bruises/tattoos/acne
  • Skin smoothing
  • 'Bad hair day' Corrections
  • Glasses / Braces Removal
  • Photo effect - black and white / sepia / coloursplash
  • Eye or Hair Color Changes
  • Receding Hair line or Bald Spot enhancement
  • Receding Hair line or Bald Spot enhancement
  • Makeup Application
  • Weight reduction and Body contouring
  • Background changes and object removal
  • Date stamp removal
  • Add a personal note to the Technician

If you are looking to edit your picture and achieve the ultimate stunning portrait photograph or something special to show over and over again or to display in a frame or on a canvas, then this will be the service to choose.
It incorporates all the Bronze, Silver and Gold features as well as giving you the chance to detail your every requirement, and we take even more time to edit your picture to make it look a million dollars!

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